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TN50 Youth Canvas

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TN50 Youth Canvas
Youth Aspirations for
Malaysia towards 2050

What do we want Malaysia to look like in 2050?

How do we want our lives as Malaysians to change?

What kind of nation should future generations inherit?


These are some of the questions we face as we approach the close of one developmental era, Vision 2020, and the start of the next 30-year transformation horizon TN50. To start the national conversation on this important juncture, the Ministry of Youth and Sports (MOYS) was tasked by the Prime Minister of Malaysia to conduct extensive bottom-up engagement with Malaysian youth on the future -- the first effort of its kind.

From January 2017, we at MOYS reached out through dialogues, workshops and online channels. The response so far has exceeded our expectations. Malaysian youth from all backgrounds responded with passion and hope for the future of their country. Their heartfelt response is outlined here, the summarised version of the ‘TN50 Youth Canvas’ which documents the aspirations of almost 2 million people reached in the course of the Ministry’s engagement across the country.

The Ministry deeply thanks the youth of Malaysia, and the young at heart, for sharing their profound hopes and for their commitment to our future together. Bersama, kita bina masa depan Negaraku.

This new vision shall come from the people
- YAB Dato’ Sri Najib Tun Razak, Prime Minister of Malaysia
TN50 Youth Aspirations: Overall Themes
Major themes emerging from diverse youth aspirations for Malaysia towards 2050
TN50 Youth Theme 1
A nation of innovative and entrepreneurial global citizens.
Innovation, technology and global impact drive the nation, from the economy to education to government and even sports. Malaysians are nurtured to be entrepreneurs who set out to make a mark in the world.
TN50 Youth Theme 2
A land where no one is left behind.
Everyone receives the opportunity to improve their lives, regardless of geography, ethnicity, gender or other factors. No group is marginalised. Inequalities in income, education, health and other markers of wellbeing are closely watched and addressed.
TN50 Youth Theme 3
A country that safeguards its natural resources.
Sustainability is a national priority. Malaysia is a global leader in low carbon emissions, resource efficiency and environmental preservation. Sustainable living is deeply ingrained in society, not just in terms of the environment but also in health, personal finance and consumption.
TN50 Youth Theme 4
A people united in diversity.
All Malaysians appreciate and respect the diversity of their multi-cultural country, but still feel a strong sense of shared identity and belonging as Malaysians. People of all races and religions work, learn, play and live together.
TN50 Youth Theme 5
A nation accountable for its actions and responsibilities.
Malaysians take ownership over their life decisions, from health choices to civic participation to investing in their lifelong education. Companies recognise their corporate social responsibility. Government leaders and institutions clearly demonstrate accountability over their performance of duty.
TN50 Youth Theme 6
A society with heart and humanity.
Malaysians strive to build each other up, not tear each other down. Debates and interactions, online or offline, are respectful and constructive. We try to have empathy and to understand different points of view. Malaysians embrace a culture of moderation and dialogue, refraining from destructive speech.
In which areas did youth want to see
Malaysia be a top 20 nation?
Frequently cited areas
GDP per capita
Quality of education system
Social inclusion
Net carbon emissions
Income distribution
Economic competitiveness
Environmental preservation
Public safety
Interethnic harmony
Gender fairness
Health and longevity
Transparency and open data
Arts & culture exports
Human development
In what area should Malaysia be a top 20 nation by 2050?
Share your thoughts
Major Eras of National Transformation
New Economic Policy (1971-1990)
Major Objectives
  • Eradicating poverty amongst all Malaysians
  • Eliminating identification of race with economic function and geographical location
Major Achievements
49% to 17%
Drop in poverty rate, 1970 to 1990
Improved inter-ethnic income ratio
41% to 58%
Bumiputera-Chinese ratio
57% to 78%
Bumiputera-Indian ratio
Significantly improved levels of education, skills, employment and income
Vision 2020
Major Objectives
  • Transforming Malaysia into a developed nation
    in its own mould
Supported by:
National Development Policy (1991-2000)
National Vision Policy (2001-2010)
National Transformation Policy (2011-2020)
Major Achievements
17% to < 1%
drop in poverty rate, 1990 to 2016
increase in per capita income from 1991 to 2005
Significant economic diversification into services and knowledge-based industries
Transformasi Nasional 2050, TN50 (2021-2050)
Major Objective
  • Transforming Malaysia into a top 20-ranked nation in key areas
Malaysia in 2050: Some Projections
Malaysia today
Malaysia in 2050
Population size
Median age
years old
years old
Urbanisation rate
Female participation rate
GDP per capita
Internet penetration
Sources: UN World Population Prospects: The 2015 Revision; UN Statistics Division; Department of Statistics, Malaysia; Universiti Malaya
2017: The Year of Youth
Engagement on TN50
2 million
reached through various channels
district-level dialogues
Attendees of MOYS’ dialogues and workshops
Different aspirations captured across MOYS’ engagement process
Thousands of posts and responses on TN50 social media and online polls
In-depth participation and brainstorming by TN50 Youth Ambassadors and Circles of the Future
MOYS-led large townhall dialogues across Malaysia
Activities throughout 2017
MOYS-led dialogues
Dialogues organised by MOYS, open to the general public to gather mass aspirations
Public-led dialogues
Dialogues organised by independent groups, open to the general public to gather mass aspirations or discuss specific themes
Circles of the Future
In-depth workshops with youth from a range of backgrounds to envision Malaysia’s future
Vote-It and Post-It Booths
Large panels placed at dialogues and other locations to elicit votes and views on specific themes
TN50 Online Content
Electronic channels including website, social media and polls to collect views on TN50
TN50 Expression Series
Campaigns and competitions calling for expressions of youth’s TN50 aspirations such as short videos, essays and logo design
TN50 Youth Canvas: Chapters
For a closer look at the aspirations by topic, please click on the following sections:
Chapter 1
Dynamic Economy, Fulfilling Work
Chapter 2
Education for the Future
Chapter 3
A Fair and Cohesive Society
Chapter 4
A Foundation of Health and Wellbeing
Chapter 5
Responsible Stewardship of Our Resources
Chapter 6
Effective and Accountable Governance
Chapter 7
A Vibrant, Winning Nation
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